Header Image Receiving Email Attachments in AWS S3 is changing

Starting Nov 1st 2021 Email Attachments will use HTTPS

CloudMailin allows you to receive your emails as a Webhook via HTTP POST. As part of the HTTP POST email attachments can be extracted and sent directly to Amazon's S3, Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob Storage.

When files are offloaded to an Attachment Storage mechanism the URL of the file is sent within the Webhook, along with the Content Type, Original Filename and some other metadata.

The URL of the email attachment was always designed to be parsed, and when we launched CloudMailin's orignal API this URL was an HTTP URL. You could parse the URL to establish the S3 bucket name and key in order to fetch the uploaded email attachment.

HTTP URLs will become HTTPS Nov 1st 2021

Although the URL was designed to be parsed, and not nessesarily used as a functioning URL, it does link to your attachment if the bucket permissions are public. From Nov 1st 2021, instead of sending the URL as HTTP it will begin with HTTPS to ensure that encryption is used whenever the URL is used by default.

Our Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage intergrations already send HTTPS URLs in the Webhook, it's only our AWS S3 integration that's changing.

CloudMailin Team