About CloudMailin

About CloudMailin, the inbound and outbound email API

About CloudMailin

CloudMailin was created because we had a problem. We needed a way to receive email in a project that was running on a cloud based server. We had no root access and quickly found we would have to set up an email server just for the purpose of allowing incoming email. Seems crazy right? Well we thought so too. Although we could have set up something to poll an existing system it wasn't really a scalable solution. Instead we decided to create CloudMailin.

CloudMailin drastically improves the way you receive email in your web app. You receive your email via a web hook (HTTP POST) and your website is free to do what it does best. Saving you time and money and allowing your email needs to scale as your site does.


CloudMailin was created by Dynamic Edge Software Ltd. Registered Company 7444971 in England and Wales. We're a software company that specialises in building great web apps and scalable software. We also get involved in a wide range of different projects from email and servers to mobile app development. If you're interested in hiring or working with us please visit the contact us page.