Header Image Deprecating our original format

We're deprecating our original HTTP Format

When we first started over 10 years ago our original HTTP Webhook format was our only option. The original HTTP Format was a multipart/form-data format that was opinionated, it made a lot of decisions about how you might use it.

Several years later we added a number of new email to Webhook/HTTP POST formats to receive your email in. The normalised JSON Format and Multipart format are now our recommended defaults and we think they provide a much clearer set of parameters to receive your email and work with our API. For example, instead of exposing the subject of the email as a parameter, you can simply access the subject header from the list of email headers.

Of course, there's also still the raw email format which allows you to receive the full email over Webhook and parse the message your self.

It's slightly sad news to us that we're going to be deprecating the Original HTTP Format but we think it's about time. If you're still using it you can continue to do so but new addresses won't be able to select it.

If you do need to add it you can always Contact Us but we hope new customers will enjoy our newer formats.

CloudMailin Team